Commit 1ad60685 authored by Takadonet's avatar Takadonet

wombac should accept fasta instead of fastq. Changed Time::Piece to specific version

parent 33f946f2
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
<repository name="package_perl_5_18" owner="iuc">
<package name="perl" version="5.18.1" />
<tool id="wombac_shred" name="Wombac Shred" version ="0.0.1">
<tool id="wombac_shred" name="Wombac Shred" version ="0.0.3">
<description>Shred a Fasta file </description>
<requirement type="package" version="5.18.1">perl</requirement>
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@
<command interpreter="perl">
/\$WOMBACLIB/wombac-shred_fasta $fastq --fastq --coverage=$coverage --readlen=$readlen > $output
/\$WOMBACLIB/wombac-shred_fasta $fasta --fastq --coverage=$coverage --readlen=$readlen > $output
<param name="fastq" type="data" label="File to shred" format="fastqsanger" />
<param name="fasta" type="data" label="File to shred" format="fasta" />
<param name="readlen" type="integer" label="Read Length" value="100" />
<param name="coverage" type="integer" label="Depth of Coverage" value="50" />
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