Commit f0e503a0 authored by Peter Kruczkiewicz's avatar Peter Kruczkiewicz

fix i18n message

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ workflow.assembly-annotation-collection.title=AssemblyAnnotationCollection Pipel
#Tool Parameters - Tool: shovill - Workflow Step #: 1
pipeline.parameters.assemblyannotationcollection.shovill-1-adv.mincov=Shovill: Minimum coverage to call part of a contig. (0 is AUTO)
pipeline.parameters.assemblyannotation.shovill-1-nocorr=Shovill: Disable post-assembly correction with PILON?
pipeline.parameters.assemblyannotationcollection.shovill-1-nocorr=Shovill: Disable post-assembly correction with PILON?
pipeline.parameters.assemblyannotationcollection.shovill-1-trim=Shovill: Use Trimmomatic to remove common adaptors first?
pipeline.parameters.assemblyannotationcollection.shovill-1-adv.namefmt=Shovill: Format of output contig FASTA IDs in 'printf' style.
pipeline.parameters.assemblyannotationcollection.shovill-1-adv.depth=Shovill: Sub-sample reads to specified depth (0 to disable sub-sampling)
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