1. 18 Feb, 2016 3 commits
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      Merge branch 'ignore-uploaded-runs' into 'development' · c590aa6f
      Thomas Matthews authored
      Ignore uploaded runs
      Fixes #4 
      This merge request fixes a bug where uploaded runs were not being excluded from the list of runs to upload. The original code I wrote matched some other code that Kevin wrote that referred to a file `.miseqUploaderComplete`, but nothing actually ever created that file (I think this was a relic from the old uploader). All of the status stuff was stuffed into a file called `.miseqUploaderInfo`.
      This fix uses the contents of that file to decide if a run has been uploaded already.
      See merge request !6
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      Merge branch 'missing-fields' into 'development' · 41c67e0f
      Thomas Matthews authored
      Use a better state machine instead of dealing with number of columns.
      Fixes #3 
      This merge request switches the way we're parsing sample sheets to use a simple state machine instead of trying to guess what section we're in based on the number of columns are in the current line. This should fix issues that we're having with additional commas being added to lines after the sample sheet is opened in Excel *without* needing to remove the commas first.
      This is from a bug report from Christine Bonner that happened this morning. This is the last merge before release.
      See merge request !5
  6. 05 Feb, 2016 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'battle-testing' into 'development' · 26951206
      Thomas Matthews authored
      Finishing release
      I'm calling it. After this merge we do a release.
      I think that the uploader is in a better state than it was when I started:
      * The UI and API-related methods are now separated, the UI doesn't know much about how the upload takes place anymore.
      * Error messages are a *bit* more friendly, but most of the time error messages in the context of this app are not recoverable (there's a server error, internet connection failure, etc.)
      * We handle single-end sequencing.
      I could keep working on this forever, but I have to stop sometime.
      The sane things to do for future work are (from least ambitious to most ambitious):
      1. Add a command-line interface now that the UI and API are separated.
      2. Re-add the resumable uploads feature, but do it at the API level.
      3. Add some quality control features (this is waiting on input from Matt Walker and Ashley Kearney)
      4. Replace the UI with a more modern toolkit than wx. wx appears to be neglected and I think we could get cross-platform using something like Qt or GTK anyway, and both of those are way better supported than wx.
      5. Re-do *some* of the API-related code to behave more like Galaxy's bioblend and release the API-related stuff in its own library for interacting with IRIDA with python.
      See merge request !4
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