Commit ff1903a0 authored by Aaron Petkau's avatar Aaron Petkau

Adding test for vcf2core

parent 5de276a5
#Chromosome Position Status Reference v1 v2
ref1 2 valid T A A
ref2 3 valid A T T
#Reference,total length,total invalid pos, total core,Percentage in core
......@@ -25,8 +25,21 @@
<exit_code range="1:" level="fatal" description="Unknown error has occured"/>
<param name="fasta" value="vcf2core/reference.fasta"/>
<param name="coverage" value="4"/>
<param name="positions" value="vcf2core/expected.positions.tsv"/>
<param name="mpileup_collection">
<collection type="list">
<element name="v1" value="vcf2core/mpileup/v1.vcf.gz"/>
<element name="v2" value="vcf2core/mpileup/v2.vcf.gz"/>
<output name="out" file="vcf2core/expected_core.csv"/>
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