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Added section on needed to setup a better database

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......@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ Galaxy Core Phylogenomics Pipeline
This contains the Galaxy tool definitions and workflow definitions needed to install the [Core Phylogenomis Pipeline][] into Galaxy. This repository contains two main sections. A set of tools under `tools/` and a workflow implementing the core phylogenomics pipeline under `workflows/`. These can be packaged up and uploaded into a [Galaxy Tool Shed][] and then later installed to an instance of Galaxy. Instructions on how to install your own local Galaxy Tool Shed and Galaxy can be found at [IRIDA Galaxy Setup][].
One small point when setting up Galaxy is that for the pipeline to work properly the default **SQLite** database cannot be used. Instructions on setting up a better database for Galaxy can be found at the [Production Server Setup][] documentation.
......@@ -137,6 +139,7 @@ perl -pe 's/"[^"]+?core_pipeline\//"[% LOCAL_REPOSITORY %]\/core_pipeline\//; s/
[Core Phylogenomis Pipeline]:
[Galaxy Tool Shed]:
[Production Server Setup]:
[Testing Installed Tools]:
[IRIDA Galaxy Setup]:
[Automated Tool Tests]:
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