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Removed alternative functional test methods because they are broken

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......@@ -66,47 +66,3 @@ $ sh -installed
This should generate a report in the file `run_functional_tests.html`.
Test Tool Installation from Tool Shed
Testing the entire process of installing tools into a Galaxy instance can be performed using the following steps. This is a summary of the information found at [Automated Tool Tests][].
Step 1: Check for Valid Tests
This will check all repositories in the Tool Shed for any valid tests. This can be performed by running:
$ python lib/tool_shed/scripts/ tool_shed_wsgi.ini
This will return a report of valid tests found within the repositories and mark any valid tests as being runnable.
Step 2: Run Functional Tests
This step will build a clean install of Galaxy, install any tools marked as runnable from **Step 1** and attempt to run all functional tests. This step can be run by setting the following environment variables and running the given script:
export GALAXY_INSTALL_TEST_TOOL_SHED_URL=http://location/to/toolshed
export GALAXY_INSTALL_TEST_TOOL_DEPENDENCY_DIR=/tmp/location/to/tmp/dir
It's also possible to run with the below command, from [Hosting a Local Tool Shed][].
$ sh
Also see [Install and Test Certification][].
[Core Phylogenomis Pipeline]:
[Galaxy Tool Shed]:
[Testing Installed Tools]:
[IRIDA Galaxy Setup]:
[Automated Tool Tests]:
[Hosting a Local Tool Shed]:
[Install and Test Certification]:
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